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Whether you ride Dressage, Western, or Trail, we all want a similar experience. 
To thoroughly enjoy our horse, feel more connected to him, and have a clear understanding of one another.  This is what we really ride for. 
 Once experienced, we will try again and again to acheive this connection between human and horse.
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Roger Kyle is a retired trainer for the for the Denver Police Department's Mounted Patrol.  Through his experiences there, he has aquired a methodology to training that assists the human in providing leadership that their horse can rely on.  Unlike many methods of 'spook training', flooding, etc...  Roger makes an effort to help people become the kind of leader that their horse will want to follow.  It has been Roger's experience that clear leadership, was the key element that let him take his police horses into riotous crowds with confidence.  Other methods never led to a reliable mount in those most stressful situations.  
     Take a trip through some obstacle training with Roger to learn to be a better horseman for your horse!

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K.C. Parkins-Kyle has been teaching and training horses for over 30 years.  Although her chosen discipline is in Dressage, she has had experience in the Hunter/Jumper ring, has many Eventing students, as well as Western and Trail riders.  She believes that every horse needs the same foundation to be enjoyable in any discipline.  Where you go from there is a personal preference.  Gaining balance as a rider, providing clear instructions to your horse, assisting the horse with his balance, are essential for any riding, if it is to be enjoyable.  
      Become the rider you've always wanted to be, through correct basics and better skills.

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